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The world’s best wines all have something in common: a sense of place and purpose.

Great wine tells a story of people, of land, of soil, sweat, and sun. We live and breathe this place, and we have an intimate understanding of the ins and outs like few others can. More than 60 of the best wineries in the country have decided to weave their story with our own. We aren’t producing a commodity or something easily replicated; we grow grapes with a sense of place and purpose.

Continued improvement

Even though we have been around a long time, we continue to seek new information, techniques, and practices that will make us better. Continued investment in equipment and technology, including optical sorting and an on-going research relationship with Washington State University has paid major dividends, for our own operation and for Red Mountain in general. Our year-around vineyard crew has more than 100 years collective experience on Red Mountain, ensuring all of our new discoveries are integrated with decades of institutional expertise.

Here’s a few of the folks making amazing wine from Kiona fruit:

Complete List of Kiona Vineyards customers

Abeja Winery
Amelia Wynn
Auclair Winery
Barrister Winery
Bartholomew Winery
Betz Family Winery
Butterfield Cellars
Charles Smith Wines
Chateau Ste. Michelle
Clearbrook Brewing
Col Solare
Convergence Zone Cellars
Cooper Wine Company
Covington Cellars
Davenport Cellars
Decendent Cellars
Dowsett Family Winery
Duckhorn Wine Company
Eagle Harbor Wine Company
Efeste Wine
Eleven Winery
Fidelitas Wines
Forgeron Cellars
GD Williams Company
Gecko Wine Company
Genoa Cellars
Gorman Winery
Hawkins Cellars
Helioterra Wines
Hogue Cellars
Jester Cellars
Lachini Vineyards
Long Shadows
Mark Ryan Winery
Maryhill Winery
Matteo Wines
Moulton Falls Winery
Native Sun Wines
Northstar Winery
Northwest Cellars
Nota Bene Cellars
Olympic Cellars Winery
Ott and Murphy Wines
Perennial Vintners
Powers Winery
Purple Star Wines
Rasa Wines
Remy Wines
Revelry Vintners
Rulo Winery
Sigillo Cellars
Snowgrass Wines
Sovereign Cellars
Sparkman Cellars
Swiftwater Cellars
Syncline Winery
Three of Cups
Tony Ryder's Consulting
VinMotion Wines
Viscon Cellars
Wahluke Wine Company
Walla Walla Vintners
Ward Johnson Winery
Warr-King Wines

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