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Tasting Room - Curbside Pick Up Only

No tastings, but still lots of wine-purchasing avenues.

Open for curbside pickup M-F, 9:30 to 5. Saturday and Sunday, 12-5. 

Please pull up in front of the tasting room and give us a friendly *honk honk.* We'll come right out, take your order, load your car, and you'll be on your way. We'll hand your card back to you with a sanitizing wipe. 

July 3 Update:

We were informed last night a little after 6:00 pm that Benton County will enter a "Modified Phase I" effective today (July 3rd). We are still going through the substantial rules/regulations attached to this unexpected change. As it stands, our plan is to continue operating on "Phase I" guidelines, which means foregoing onsite-tastings in favor of curbside-sales only. 

We want to make sure that when we open, we are able to do so safely for everyone. The deck at the tasting room is well-suited towards accommodating guests in an appealing, safe way, and we plan on making that a reality as soon as we feel comfortable. Thank you for your understanding, stay safe, and enjoy your holiday weekend. 

Please note, cases in Benton County are still *well* above safe/controlled levels. As of today, the case count per 100,000 residents over 14 days is about 150. The target for moving to Phase II is/was 25/100,000/14 days, which is why the announcement last night came as a bit of a surprise. 

- JJ 

Thank you for your continued support. The tasting room on Red Mountain will be closed for tastings until we are instructed otherwise and we believe that our staff and the public will be safe to operate under "normal" conditions. 

We are still able/willing to fill online orders, and we're entering a prime time of year for weather/temperature. So if you'd like to order wine online, we'd very much appreciate that

I have about 80 cases of 2018 Estate Red Mountain Rosé of Mourvèdre left, and that's about 80 cases too many with the 2019 rosé bottled and ready to go. We weren't planning on putting this pricing online or otherwise publicizing it, but we're changing our tack: 12 bottles can be had for $84 (Members pay $58). Give us a call (509-588-6716) or email ( and we'll get you set up with that pricing - it's not available on the website. April 27 update: Gone! Thank you! 

We're also happy to provide a curbside pickup service. Give us a call (509-588-6716) and we can have wine ready to go for you when you arrive (9:30-5 on weekdays, 12-5 on weekends); social distancing compliant trunk-placement and all!

We are very fortunate to have fantastic distributors in Washington state. There's a decent chance that our wine is available at your closest supermarket. Since you're going to be there anyways, we'd recommend cruising by the wine section for a bottle or two (if you are so inclined, of course!). 

Here's a list of over 120 retailers in the greater Seattle area that carry our wines

If you're not in Seattle (or Washington!) but would still like to find our wine at a local retailer, we can help there as well. Please send an email to and we'll track some down for you. 

One more thing - if you are considering buying direct from a winery, I would recommend making selections from your favorite boutique/micro/family-run operations instead of Kiona. There are many wineries in Washington that depend on Direct-to-Consumer sales and do not have the benefit of having distribution like we have. It could make all the difference to them! We are also small and family-run, but much larger than many and less dependent on Direct-to-Consumer volume. 

Stay safe out there. 

- JJ